Drinks to Go: Portable Wet Bars

At some point in everyone's life they may feel the need to purchase a portable wet bar. What can you expect to find out there in terms of bar fabrication, quality and features? A little research into this topic leads to the conclusion that one thing is quite certain. Portable bars available for purchase are quite numerous. And truly "wet" portable bars don't really exist. Bars that advertise as portable wet bars have sinks made of either plastic or stainless steel which can hold ice. These sinks have drainage capabilities. The concept of a true "wet bar", however, one with running water, is quite elusive.

A portable wet bar may be as simple as those "suitcase" types made of leather or faux leather that were so popular in the sixties. They are still around if you are looking for them. These sell for a quite modest amount, around a hundred dollars or so and are convenient for picnics or travel. What could be neater than a portable cocktail service for two that contains shakers, stirrers, martini glasses and room for two of your own bottles? Obviously, you'll have to import water and ice from somewhere else. Don't forget the olives.

Let's move on to something a little more substantial. Large, sturdy, portable bars can be purchased fully assembled. These bars are ideal for entertaining either indoors or out. Prices range from a little over a thousand dollars to more than six thousand. Add shipping costs to these figures. Outdoor bars are usually constructed of heavy polyethylene (plastic). The "wet" part is simply a sink that can hold a large quantity (about 100 lbs.) of ice. Sinks have a drainage feature for cleaning.

What do you get for $6,000 dollars? A piece with a fine, furniture-quality finish made from mahogany and outfitted with a stainless steel sink for holding ice, stainless work area and brass casters is available in that price range. A hose hook-up is available for drainage.

Of course, if you forgo the "wet bar" element and merely want a regular bar setup for entertaining, you can check out local home improvement stores and their web sites for these items which retail at considerably lower prices.


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