Drive Belt How To Replace 2008 50cc Scooter

How to replace 2008 50cc scooter drive belt doesn’t need much of the special tools or professional skill. You will need to replace your scooter’s driving belt when your scooter won’t run after switching the engine on or the power can’t fully complete its cycle. The drive belt is possibly worn and here’s a guide how to replace a scooter drive belt.

What you need:

  • Driving belt replacement parts
  • Wrenches
  • Spanner wrench or retaining device
  • Screwdrivers
  • Grease


  1. Remove the crankcase cover and the locating pin. You may need to remove the lock of the air tube for the driving belt first. Unbolt the screws attached to the crankcase.
  2. Unscrew the starting lever. Avoid losing the washers and bolts attaching the starting lever to the starting pivot.
  3. Gently turn the pivot to remove both the driving gear and the return spring. Remove the starting pivot sleeve.
  4. Inspect if any of the starting pivot assembly is worn or damaged. Carefully inspect the starting pivot, return spring, rubber sleeve and both the friction spring and driven gear.
  5. Check the gasket and the driving belt. Replace them for any signs of wear or fracture.
  6. Using the spanner wrench, retain the clutch housing while you unscrew the bolt holding it. Remove the spanner wrench.
  7. Turn the driving pulley clockwise to allow the belt notches in an expanded state. Remove the driving pulley. Inspect the small hardware as well which comes apart with the driving pulley for any wear and damage.
  8. Use the retaining device again to remove the driving pulley. Then remove the driving pulley sleeve, retainer and the rollers. Check and replace the parts for any signs of wear.
  9. Remove the worn driving belt carefully. Then install the new driving belt.
  10. Remove and check the overrunning clutch shaft for any worn parts. Apply a small amount of grease on the bearing part and install it back again.
  11. Install back the driving pulley and the clutch housing assembly. Reassemble the starting pivot and the crankcase cover. Ensure that the splints are aligned with those in the crank shaft.



  • Ensure there are no oil spills on the driving belt assembly. Wipe it dry if there’s any to avoid slippage.

  • Check your scooter’s warranty for parts replacement coverage before self replacing your scooter’s driving belt.

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