Drive The Hole In Water Polo

One of the best methods to score a goal is to drive the hole in water polo. Driving the hole is when a foul is made on the hole player before he can shoot the ball. The hole player then gets three seconds to make a free pass. It is during this time where the other players on offense try to disengage themselves from their defenders and swim into the hole position to get a close-in shot. Described below is one method of driving the hole from the perspective of an attacking player on offense.

To learn how to drive the hole in water polo you will need:

  • Water polo goal
  • Water polo ball
  • At least two teammates—one to play the hole position, and the other to guard you.
  1. Wait for a foul in the hole position. This means the hole man has three seconds to make a free throw to another player. During this time, the hole player cannot shoot the ball at the goal, but he can make a pass to any player on his team. Now is the time for you to attempt to drive the hole.
  2. Separate yourself from your defender. Face your defender with your hips up behind you in the water. Quickly grab onto your opponent's wrists and pull on them hard. This will bring the defender toward you. While still grasping his wrists, guide him to the left or right side of you. Drive around the defend and get in front of him. Now you should have separation from your defender and can swim toward the hole.
  3. Swim toward the hole. After you have gained separation from your defender, you need to immediately swim toward the hole position to try and receive the free pass from the hole player. Make sure that you keep your body in front of your defender during the swim into the hole. If you are a physical player, you can simply try to shield off the pursuing defender. If you cannot, then you can try to zigzag while you swim toward the hole to keep him off of you. 
  4. Receive the pass from the hole man and shoot. If you are open and in the hole zone, the hole player will pass the ball to you. You will receive a "wet pass;" this is an intentional pass into the water that is just a bit out of your reach that you swim to and pick up. When you have control of the ball and are ready to shoot on goal, perform a "wet shot." A wet shot is a shot that is done from water level (instead of being elevated out of the water when  you perform a "dry shot"). A wet shot is the preferred shot as it is a much quicker shot and has much less a chance of being stolen by the trailing defender.

If you follow the above description of how to drive the hole in water polo, you will have the sweet satisfaction of almost certainly scoring a goal.

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