Drive In Movie Theaters In Texas

Drive in movie theaters in Texas offer the chance to watch movies out under the wide-open Texas sky. There are still many operational drive in movie theaters in Texas for you to enjoy. As of 2011, these are the drive-in movie theaters in Texas that you can go and see first run movies at.

  1. Town and Country Drive in – Abilene, TX. This two-screen drive-in can accomodate up to 1,450 cars. It was closed from 1981-2000, but has been re-opened.
  2. Tascosa Drive in – Amarillo, TX. The Tascosa Drive-in is one of the drive in movie theaters in Texas that has the biggest screen in the state at 95 feet by 45 feet. It had two operational screens, but screen two was shut down in 2006.
  3. Sandell Drive in – Clarendon, TX. The Sandell is another of the drive in movie theaters in Texas that was closed in the 1980's but re-opened in the 2000's. This single screen theater can accomodate 300 cars.
  4. Fiesta Drive in – El Paso, TX. This 500 car, single screen drive in movie theater in Texas is open all year round. It is a small-town drive in with a small town feel.
  5. Galaxy Drive in – Ennis, TX. This is a four-screen drive in but it still holds a small capacity of only 800 cars. Business is good at the Galaxy as the owners felt the need to add that fourth screen in 2005.
  6. Last Drive-in Picture Show – Gatesville, TX. This is a very small, community drive in that has one screen with a 300 car capacity. It opened in 1950, and has remained open ever since.
  7. Graham Drive in – Graham, TX. The Graham drive in charges low prices for its single-screen, 180 capacity theater. It has been a community fixture since 1955.
  8. Brazos Drive in – Granbury, TX. The Brazos Drive in Granbury is like many small drive in movie theaters in Texas. It is a one-screen, 200 car theater that has been serving the community since 1954.
  9. Showboat Drive in Theater – Hockley, TX. The Showboat has been a successful drive in since it opened in 2006. Within a year, the need for a second screen was realized and now the Showboat has a capacity of 400 cars.
  10. Sky Vue Drive in – Lamesa, TX. The Sky Vue is one of the oldest drive in movie theaters in Texas. This one-screen, 500 car theater has been in continuous operation since 1948.
  11. Stars and Stripes Drive in – Lubbock, TX. The Stars and Stripes was opened in 2003 as a two-screen drive in. A third screen was opened in 2007, and now the theater can accommodate up to 1,000 cars in total.
  12. Wes-Mer Drive in – Mercedes, TX. The exact opening date of the Wes-Mer is not known. It closed down in 1984 and sat dark for a decade. It was re-opened in 1994, and operates as a single-screen, 400 car theater.
  13. Big Sky Drive in – Midland, TX. The Big Sky was part of the drive in rush in Texas of the 2000's. It was opened in 2005 as a two-screen theater, and expanded to a three-screen facility with a 920 car capacity in 2007.
  14. Midway Drive in – Quitaque, TX. The Midway is a single-screen, 200 car drive in that has been serving the Quitaque community for years. It operates from May to September of every year.
  15. Tower Drive in – Rule, TX. The Tower Drive in was almost lost for good when it was closed in 2001 after 49 years in business. But it was purchased in 2004, and re-opened as a single-screen, 200 car drive in theater.
  16. Apache Drive in – Tyler, TX. This is an extremely small, boutique-style drive in that has a single screen and 100 car capacity. It was opened in 1979, and features digital projection.
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