Driving And Parking Games

Driving and parking games are gateway games for many players. Games such as Cruis'n USA can be found in video game stores and arcades around the world. These driving and parking games offer hours of enjoyment and lead to players finding new games to enjoy that offer advanced features and settings. Regardless of where the game is first played there are many gamers who would agree on at least five games that are the top driving and parking games any player should at least try.

  1. "Cruis'n USA" The Cruis'n series of driving video games by Midway Games hit a new high with their arcade hit Cruis'n USA in 1994. This game could be found in arcades and pool halls around the country. It offered the ability to sit in a drivers style atmosphere and feel like you were not just playing the game but were part of the game.
  2. "Parking Perfection 3" This game is a flash game but has hit popularity with a lot of driving and parking games enthusiasts. The game can be found on sites like Games Lodge. The game centers around parking and making your driving teacher a happy camper during the experience. This game offers the ability to increase skill and your high scores in parking.
  3. "Project Gotham 4" This is the latest edition to the Project Gotham series. This XBOX platform driving game brings everything back to the table from the previous three games and offers the player a little bit more than the previous games offered. There are more tracks, sharper images, and a realistic feel that gives driving and parking games enthusiasts what they crave.
  4. "Midnight Club" This series has really made is mark on driving and parking games. It took it awhile to hit the hi-def gaming area but the ride paid off. The Midnight Club games offer great tracks, interesting twists and turns, and the ability to show off the players driving game skill set. Midnight Club driving and racing games can be found for XBOX and other gaming platforms.
  5. "Gran Turismo" No driving and parking games list would be complete without the mention of the Gran Turismo series. The latest edition, Gran Turismo HD, has hit the PS3 market full throttle. Driving and parking gamers have quickly raised this game to the top of the list for its graphics, tracks, and ability level challenges.

There are hundreds of games available for PC and console gaming when it comes to driving and parking games. The sky is the limit for driving game enthusiasts. Regardless of the skill level there is a driving and parking game out there for each player. It's just a matter of finding the console and testing the tracks to find the game that fits your needs and gaming desires.

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