Drug Classifications List

This drug classifications list will help you identify drugs or drug use based on their effects and assorted family. Drugs are generally categorized based on symptoms, such as relaxation or being stupidly drunk. Regardless of what you use this information for, this drug classifications list will help you understand the different drug types and their effects.

  1. Psychedelics The old staple of the 1960s, psychedelics are all about seeing crazy colors and freaking out. LSD, PCP and mescaline are classified as psychedelics. Psychedelic drug users often experience hallucination, confusion, anxiety, aggressive behavior and even catatonia. Continued use of these drugs can lead to psychosis and can severely mess up your head.
  2. Alcohol The only drug category where all the drugs are legal, alcohol is no stranger to many people. Beer, wine and hard liquors are classified as alcohol. Alcoholics often experience depression, relaxation, blackouts and are likely to annoy you, fall over and puke on the floor. Alcohol can severely ruin your body, ranging from severe liver damage to ulcers and even brain damage.
  3. Opiates One of the hardcore drug classifications, opiates feature many of the big hitters that will leave you dead, such as opium, morphine, methadone and heroin. Opiate users can look forward to a higher pain threshold, lower respiratory rate, convulsions and the possibility of a coma or death.
  4. THC The THC classification features two of the most widely used drugs out there: marijuana and hashish. This drug classifications is quite a bit more tame than the others. The effects of drugs containing THC are increased appetite, relaxation, mental alterations and laziness. When compared to the other drug classifications, these effects don't seem too bad.
  5. Sedatives Sedatives are the usual downers that make you feel a tad too relaxed. This classification includes valium, quaaludes, nebutal and librium. The effects of these drugs include numbness, clumsiness, relaxation, depression, lower resperation and possible death. Sedatives have an increased effect when you take them with alcohol, so please don't do that.
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