Drunk Sex Tips

Drunk sex tips are important so that you can still perform after you have met someone in a bar or at a party and you are both sloshed but still are set on doing the nasty. Now it doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to remember these drunk sex tips when you are drunk and about to have sex, but the better you know them after reading them here, the better chance they will be able to surface in your pickled brain when you are in the heat of the moment. These drunk sex tips should hopefully save you some embarrassment, some legal problems and maybe even help you meet someone you can enjoy when you are both sober.

  1. Don't Think About What They Look Like When You Are Sober. Trust your drunken instinct and don't second guess yourself when you meet someone when you are drunk. You might regret it in the morning, but why spoil a good time by having self-doubt? Just go through with it, use protection and pass out.
  2. Use Protection. Couldn't stress this drunken sex tip enough. For guys this will be tough because putting on a condom takes at least a reasonable amount of dexterity and that isn't something that usually occurs when you are hammered. Plus, a condom is relatively numbing, making already numb drunken sex a bit less enjoyable. But use protection, for the number of reasons you should usually use protection.
  3. If You're Not Feeling It While You Are Drunk, Then It's Probably Not Happening. If the thrill suddenly leaves when you are very drunk, then that's a terrible sign. Sober up, see if it comes back and if it doesn't take this drunken sex tip and take a cab home.
  4. Do Things You Wouldn't Normally Do. This drunken sex tip utilizes one of the best things about drunk sex: you probably won't remember it the next day, so do the nasty nastier then yo ever have. Just make sure there are no video cameras in the room.
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