Dry White Wine For Cooking

Dry white wine for cooking is an excellent way to add a little spark to any meal. The flavor of dry white wine adds extra layers to dishes. Usually because of the flavor of the white wine, it will decipher the types of dishes you use to cook with. Typically, white wine is light and is used in light dishes, such as chicken and pork.

  1. Noilly Pratt Dry Vermouth. This dry white wine is infamous for cooking with. Julia Childs used this dry white wine a lot in many of her recipes. The Noilly Pratt Dry Vermouth is an ideal candidate as a cooking wine. Also, its great because of the fact that it gets better after it has been opened. Noilly Pratt has a long history of wine-making and it isn't any wonder why it is often used during cooking.
  2. Yellowtail Reserve Chardonnay. Cooking with wine has a lot of politics. Often times people want to use a cheap wine versus something expensive while they cook. Yellowtail Reserve Chardonnay is an excellent compromise between the two. Chardonnay's tend to be dry and can add more of a salty flavor that doesn't add any extra sodium.
  3. Stone Cellars Pinot Grigio. This dry white wine is a great wine to use for cooking. It isn't of the highest callabor to use for drinking, however its convenient packaging makes for excellent serving sizes. Typically this wine is made up of four individual bottles. They carry about .75 cups of wine, which is the usual size required during cooking.
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