Dryland Workouts For Swimming

Dryland training is important to build strength in swimming, and these dryland workouts for swimming will help you stay in shape when you are out of the water. Endurance and resistance training on land are almost as important as your time in the water to make you a better all around swimmer. Combining different types of workouts will make your dryland training more effective.

  1. Resistance training. Dryland workouts for swimming that are designed to increase your muscle strength will help to add strength and speed to your stroke. Make sure you start with lighter weights and build up as you get stronger. A slow steady progress is the key to a good resistance program.
  2. Strength training. Using lifts that incorporate the whole body is important for dryland workouts. The seated row and the bench press are good strength exercises. Some athletes also like to use an Ab dolly for lat pulls in a prone position so they can get a continuous movement just as if they were swimming.
  3. EVF exercises. EVF exercises focus on building up strength in the shoulders and back. Dryland workouts for these include push ups, flys and back rows for their shoulders. Core abdominal work and core back work to strengthen their backs.
  4. Isometrics. Isometrics for dryland training for swimming include having a swimmer stand with both hands over their head in and EVF position. Swimmers can also have both hands pressed up against a wall or use light weights while holding their hands in the EVF position.
  5. General conditioning. It is extremely important for a dryland workout to include general conditioning to help build up endurance. Stair climbing, running, and jumping can all be used  to help build up cardiovascular fitness.
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