E Trade Commercials

E Trade commercials have become a much waited thing to watch, especially during the Superbowl. E Trade is a financial services company. They allow investors to trade online and enjoy discount on brokerages while trading in stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds. E Trade commercials are a series of advertisements featuring a baby talking about investments.

  1. E Trade Baby with Friends. This E Trade commercial features a group of cute babies crying. A voice over explains that they are crying over high brokerage fees and how rich their broker is getting off them. The adult voice then tells them to take charge of their finances by using E Trade.
  2. E Trade Baby with Tailor. This E trade commercial has a nice warm feel to it. It features the E Trade baby getting measured up by a tailor. The baby tells of how he introduced his tailor to E Trade and the great service the tailor gets. He explains that the tailor can now retire in Tuscany. The commercial ends with them hugging.
  3. E Trade Baby with Cat. This is the E Trade commercial that was aired during Superbowl XLV. The baby is reading the morning news and talking about E Trade while a cat is sitting beside him sneezing. A funny moment is when the baby says “Bless you Peppers.” The baby then says that Peppers the cat should really go get a flu shot.
  4. E Trade Baby – Lottery. This commercial features the baby sitting beside his adult friend, Frank. The baby explains that Franks retirement plan is scratching lottery tickets. The baby explains that he would be better off investing via E Trade.
  5. E Trade Baby on First Class Flight. This funny E Trade commercial features the talking baby on a first class section of a flight. He explains that he is on the way back from Vegas. While he was away E Trade’s stop loss system helped him save on his trades and worked while he was playing.
  6. E Trade Singing Baby. This E Trade commercial features the talking baby sitting beside his baby friend. He explains that in the tough economy, E Trade is even more important as it saves more on brokerages and trades. Halfway through, the other baby breaks into song appropriately.
  7. E Trade Golf Baby. This commercial was filmed in the club house of a golf club. The E Trade baby explains that the old man in the background is his golf buddy. He cannot pay him his winnings as he lost his money on his retirement funds. The baby then says this will not happen with E Trade.  
  8. E Trade Baby on Blackberry. This E Trade commercial features the baby carrying a Blackberry phone. He is trying to explain the E Trades mobile phone platform. During his explanation, he is interrupted on the phone by his girlfriend.
  9. E Trade Baby with Baby Girlfriend. This hilarious E Trade commercial features a conversation between the baby and his girlfriend. He is explaining why he didn’t call the night before as he was trading on E Trade.
  10. E Trade Baby on Time Out. This E Trade commercial features the baby on a time out. He explains that he is being punished as he rode the dog like a horse. He then explains that he can trade using the iPad while on his time out. Finally, his mom also removes the iPad.
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