Ear Tattoos Ideas

Ear tattoos ideas are not as popular as tattoos that are put on other parts of the body. Though the popularity is not as great for an ear tattoo, there is still a large population of people who are getting them. The reason why most people get ear tattoos is because they like the idea of body art but they want to be discreet and be able to cover it whenever they feel the need. An ear tattoo can be discreet, but depending on the tattoo, it can still make a bold statement.

  1. Tiger: Some people get tattoos of claw marks while other people will have just a simple tiger laying down with his paws crossed under his chin. The type of symbol tattoo displayed will depend on the individual, because there are symbols of animals that may be the person’s favorite animal, which he has come to love over the years. The symbolic tattoo that people have placed on their ear sometimes is to remind themselves of things in life that they enjoy.
  2. Grenade: Seeing someone with a grenade will let you know that he is upset about something and maybe needs to be left alone. Symbolic tattoos are for people who prefer to have a tattoo representing how they feel the majority of the time.
  3. R.I.P. Mom: This stands for Rest In Peace Mom. While this is a sad text to read on anyone, it is a part of life and some people just like this as a reminder of someone special thatthey loved. The text can represent many different things, it just depends on the individual. Nevertheless, anyone who can read text will know what the text says but not necessarily know the meaning behind the message.
  4. H.A.B.D.: This tattoo is usually small in lettering and stands for Have A Blessed Day. This sort of tattoo is appreciated by anyone who sees it, because it brings a smile to their face as they decipher the lettering.
  5. Fishing Pole: People who enjoy fishing will get a tattoo of a fishing pole holiding on its hook their favorite fish to catch. Hobby tattoos are usually vert decorative in design because of the coloring added to the picture. Whatever your favorite hobby is, a tattoo of it on your ear dwill efinitely make it stand out from any other tattoo you have on your body.

No matter what tattoo idea you have for yourself, if it is an ear tattoo, then you will be able to be discreet about it and only show it off when you want others to see it. Just remember that space is limited, so the tattoo will be small which makes it even more intimate when you show it off.

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