Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

It's easy to ignore some of the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period. You may be concerned that your girlfriend, wife or fiancé is pregnant. Maybe you are ready to be a dad, and maybe you are not. You might be happy at the thought of having a baby in your life. Whatever your situation, it’s very helpful to know what symptoms she may start having to watch out for. It kind of gives you a heads up even before she misses her first period – if she does.

  1. Her breasts are tender and she feels sick. Two common early signs of pregnancy are she'll have tender breasts and feel sick to her stomach. They'll hurt to be handled and otherwise be uncomfortable. She may also get really sick and throw up. She thinks she has the flu, but she doesn't ache all over. Throwing up, feeling sensitive to foods she once really enjoyed or had no troubles with is a big sign of pregnancy. It's commonly referred to as morning sickness but it can happen 24 hours a day. Some women do experience morning sickness 24/7, and it's miserable. Other women only get it first thing in the morning.

  2. Indigestion. She'll have heartburn and indigestion after eating a certain food or many different foods that never bothered her before. The food doesn't have to be spicy either, just something that doesn't agree with her stomach with her new pregnancy hormones being active.

  3. Exhaustion. Pregnancy at any stage throughout the nine months will make her or any woman tired. The pregnancy hormone (HCG) either makes very few or tons of different reactions in a woman's body, including one that makes her very tired even if she's normally on the hyper side. If any of these are going on, it's good to be a supportive to her since this is another sign of pregnancy.

  4. Moodiness. Oh, the wonderful emotional roller coaster of mood swings. Another early sign of pregnancy is being very emotional. She'll be much more sensitive than her normal self, cry more easily, and may be more easily agitated. Every woman is different as far as moodiness goes as well, so it just depends.
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