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Turn yourself into to a well dressed literary genius and learn how to rock it Ernest Hemingway style. When you think about Ernest Hemingway's style the first thing that comes to mind is his style of writing. We don't have to tell you Ernest Hemingway was a genius whose literary style has been imitated and studied for decades. Ernest Hemingway's personal style is something that is generally neglected when people talk about Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway's style is a classic, simple style; it consists of clean lines that flatter the body and are durable enough to survive a safari.

Ernest Hemingway's style generally falls in one of three categories: sportsman, casual and casual formal. The sportsman side of Ernest Hemingway's style refers to the loose fitting, durable clothes that he wore when he was on one of his many outdoor adventures. The sportsman side of Ernest Hemingway's style would consist of jeans or khakis, t-shirts, shorts and occasionally a hat or safari jacket. Everything Ernest Hemingway wore when he was in sportsman mode was put on with an eye toward durability and comfort. Because jeans and khakis were made out of rough, durable cotton, they were good clothes for hunting and fishing. They could protect his legs from the elements and stand up to the dirt and grime that comes along with crawling through the jungle or a day spent fishing. T-shirts were as much a staple of Ernest Hemingway's style as they are now. A cotton t-shirt is light enough that it isn't going to be too uncomfortable in hot weather and it dries easily and holds up to dirt well. Shorts were mostly worn for adventures on the water or lounging around. Shorts are comfortable, go well with a basic t-shirt and dry easily. The perfect outfit for a day on the water.

When he wasn't off big game hunting or fishing, Ernest Hemingway could be found writing. On these days, Ernest Hemingway's style is decidedly casual, with an eye towards nothing but being comfortable for the task at hand. The more casual moments of Ernest Hemingway are similar to what someone would wear now if they are working around the house: jeans, a t-shirt and sometimes shorts on a hot day. Ernest Hemingway wasn't the kind of man who cared much about what he had on if he was going to spend the day writing. If he was going to have a casual evening out, he would step his style up a bit. The shorts would be replaced with a pair of khakis or slacks and instead of wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, he would wear buttoned up shorts made of linen. Sometimes he would dress it up a bit by wearing an unbuttoned vest over the shirt. Much like the sportsman side of Ernest Hemingway's style, his casual style was worn with and eye towards comfort.

While most things about Ernest Hemingway style are are geared for comfort or outdoor activity, he did know how to dress it up when he needed. However, even the more formal side of Ernest Hemingway's style had a casual feel to it. When Ernest Hemingway could be found in a three-piece suit; he tended to stick with simple, classic colors. Lots of dark blues, blacks, grays and browns. Instead of going with the structured tailored suits that most men liked to wear, Ernest Hemingway liked to wear his suits loose. The loose fit  gave him a more casual, easy going look that matched his personality and fit better over his wide barrel frame than suits that were more fitted or structured. Like a lot of men, Ernest Hemingway would give his suits a distinct look by wearing different colors and patterns in his ties and cuff-links. Ernest Hemingway's style is a classic look that may not always be the most daring or fashion forward, but it will make sure that you are always comfortable and at ease where ever you are.


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