Easy Capoeira Workout

This article highlights an easy Capoeira workout that will work your body and mind. Capoeira is an ancient form of self-defense invented by African slaves in Brazil. The art form combines athletics, dance and martial arts in a combination of grace, beauty and if necessary deadly precision. There are many facilities within the United States that practice this art, some as dance and other for self-defense. The workout described here is a basic regiment of Capoeira that encompasses the fitness and self preservation.

  1. Capoeira workouts center on the body and the spirit. This easy regimen is based on techniques and mechanics at the center of Capoeira. Before you begin any workout make sure you are healthy enough for it and that you take some time to stretch and warm up. Stretching in this case should include the legs, back and arms. The Capoeira workout will use all major muscle groups.
  2. Learning the basic moves in Capoeira is a simple process for fitness. The movement called Ginga is the initial position for most Capoeira movements. Start with your feet positioned apart as wide as your shoulders. From this position, you will drop one foot back behind you while swinging your arm the opposite side. Swing right foot back then swing the arms to the left. Then switch back and forth. Do this for two minutes.
  3. The next workout point for Capoeira is called Balanso (balance). In this workout, you will assume the Ginga position. From this position you will move your upper body from side to side like a wave. You move left then right and then place one foot back. Bring the foot forward and move and ten move your body side to side again and then place the opposite foot back. Do this motion called Balanso for five minutes.
  4. Lastly, the easy Capoeira working will incorporate kicking and striking. From the Ginga position perform the balanso, but this time the wave motion will move to the left with a forward strike, then to the right with another forward strike. Strike with the opposite hand of the direction you are moving. When you have made the forward motions and are ready to place the foot back, do so. However, when you are ready to bring the foot forward, do so with a front thrust kick. You will do this routine for five minutes as well.
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