An Easy Detox Diet Menu

An easy diet detox menu consists mainly of fresh, raw and organic fruits and veggies. No form of meat should be eaten, except an occasional steamed piece of salmon. When looking to detox the entire body, special care should be taken with every morsel that is eaten.

  1. Before Breakfast and After Waking Up. An easy diet detox that is very good for the liver and very simple to do is one with all the basics and yet simple to make. Drink this on an empty stomach for seven days before breakfast.  

    Ingredients: Juice from orange, lemon and 1/2 large grapefruit; 1 glass filtered water; 1 Tablespoon cold pressed olive oil1 garlic, chopped

    Directions: Put all the above ingredients in a blender and pulse slowly. Continue blending on high speed for 2 minutes. Strain the drink using a fine mesh colander. Drink quickly, all at once. Wait 1/2 hour before eating breakfast after drinking this liver detox recipe. If all the fruits are not in season, you can mix and match.

  2. Breakfast Easy Detox Menu. The easiest diet detox recipe is one that is made quickly. This recipe is made with many healthy ingredients and is very delicious. 

    Ingredients: 1 cup filtered water; 1 cup spinach, frozen or fresh; 1 Tablespoon of honey 2 bananas, frozen and chopped; 1 additional fruit, peach, pear or apple; 2 teaspoons ground flax seeds

    Directions: Place the water and the spinach in a blender. Blend for 1/2 minute. Add in the honey, bananas and fruit. Blend again for one minute. Pour in a large glass and top with the flax seeds.  Enjoy this diet detox cocktail daily and you may interchange the fruits as desired.

  3. Snacks. Both the morning and midmorning snacks can be mono organic fruit. Have one orange twice a day or an apple or other alternative choice. The mono fruit detox diet is best.
  4. Lunch Diet Detox Recipe. In order to detox properly, make sure you have one large salad a day. You can have this salad for lunch or for supper.  This salad should always include cold pressed olive oil for the dressings, but not too much as olive oil has 2000 calories per cup. In this salad, use some of the best veggies for you, such as romaine lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and arugula.
  5. Dinner Detox Recipe. For supper, load up on tons of either fresh or steamed veggies. Raw vegetables are best, but many will prefer to have steamed for variety. A simple steamer can be purchased for a few dollars. On the bottom of the steamer, put the veggies that take longer to cook, such as cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. You can season the veggies with some basil, rosemary and thyme. This wonderfully easy diet detox menu is best served without salt and pepper. Pepper is extremely acidic and should be avoided.
  6. After Dinner Tea. The best snack for the evening is a large cup of herbal tea. The optimum choice is a detox tea mixture, if available. If not, try some chamomile, peppermint or ginger teas.

Tips and Warnings:

In order to detox the liver and the body, it is important to avoid all toxic foods to the system. These foods include sugar, salt, white flours, processed foods and all forms of caffeine. You can drink all the herbal tea and filtered water you desire. Also, you may eat all the raw veggies you want except carrots. Carrots should be limited to once a day as they are high in sugar.

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