Easy Guitar Tabs For Beginners

Those who are first trying their hand at the guitar might be interested in checking out some easy guitar tabs for beginners. Easy guitar tabs help the beginner to begin learning how to read simple guitar tabs, and also help them move on up to reading intermediate guitar tabs. If you’re looking for easy guitar tabs that aren’t too painful to read, then these are the ones for you.

  1. Green Day’s “Good Riddance” is probably one of the easiest guitar tabs for beginners to start out with. One of the main reasons many beginners tend to find this song so easy to learn is because of its use of only a few chords. In this song, you will only need to know four chords, and those are G, C, E minor, and D. The chords are played in the same order throughout most of the song, so the tab is most useful for helping you learn to transition easily between chords. If you want a bit of added difficulty, you can try to master the picking in the beginning.
  2. “Wild Thing” by the Troggs makes use of power chords in a very big way. So, you’ve mastered the basic chords, and you want to move onto power chords. “Wild Thing” will give you a crash course in this. In “Wild Thing” you can practice with sliding up the neck of the guitar while playing power chords, and even get a break in the calm parts of the songs for re-adjusting your fingers.
  3. Try Oasis’s “Wonderwall” for an easy tab and fun sing-alongs. “Wonderwall” is great for beginners because it is a very well-known song, and it’s extremely easy to play. It can be played with or without a capo, and you can add in greater difficulty by attempting the picking parts. Either way, your friends will enjoy that it’s one of the guitar tabs you decided to learn and can play it for them!
  4. “Old Man” by Neil Young is a great song to play once you’ve mastered the previous three. “Old Man” introduces new chords that are surprisingly not hard to play in the least. You can practice with playing groups of chords for verses, and then transitioning to a new group of chords for the chorus lines. If you want to mimic the song more, you can practice with hammer-ons and pull-offs with this song.
  5. Lastly, try “Blackbird” by the Beatles if you’re a daring beginner. One of the greatest things about “Blackbird” by the Beatles is that it looks like a hard song to play at first but is actually extremely easy. Your friends and family will be impressed once you master it and are able to play it for them. This song may take awhile to learn because of constant picking, but the notes are all quite close together. Once you’ve got it memorized, you’ll slide through all of the notes and have your friends singing in no time.
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