Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

When Halloween is only a few days away and you still haven't bought your costume, you may be looking for some easy Halloween costume ideas. There are plenty of last minute Halloween costumes that you can easily make from items that you have sitting around the house. All you need is a little time and imagination.

  1. God's Gift to Women. This one is incredibly easy to pull off. All you have to do is dress up in some nice clothing such as dress pants and a button up shirt and make a gift tag to go around your neck which says "To: Women, From: God." You can make the gift tag out of a piece of string or ribbon and just use regular paper or cardboard for the tag.
  2. Goldfinger. This is an easy Halloween costume idea that you can pull together within just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is take some gold acrylic paint or a gold paint pen and paint one of your fingers gold. Instant Goldfinger! Just be sure to remember to let your finger completely dry before you go out for the night.
  3. Nudist on Strike. The costume for the nudist on strike is incredibly simple. Dress as you normally would and hold up a sign which says "Nudist on Strike." You can make the sign out of a piece of cardboard and a long popsicle stick. If you don't want to stand around holding the sign all night, you can make a sign that hangs around your neck on a piece of string.

These are just a few of the easy Halloween costume ideas that you can make right at your own home. Homemade costumes are always some of the most interesting ones at the party. Just because you have an easy Halloween costume does not mean that it has to be dull.

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