Easy Kickboxing Combinations

Easy kickboxing combinations can be added to an aerobic workout routine for added muscle toning and cardiovascular benefits. They can also be used in kickboxing practice to improve combinations, accuracy, coordination, and form. Using hand and ankle weights can help improve strength and accuracy as well, by forcing the muscles to work harder in each move. When the weights are removed, the strikes, blocks, and kicks will show significant improvement.

Punch sequence:

  1. Stand in the ready position, with one foot leading the body, toes pointed toward the opponent or target. The other foot is turned out slightly for balance. Hips should be rotated forward and fists in a ready position at about chin or face level.
  2. With the front-most hand, perform a jab straight out, drawing the arm back to the start position after the jab.
  3. Now, perform a cross punch with the other fist. Rotate the back leg and hip to put more force into the cross punch.
  4. Third, perform a hook punch with the front-most fist. Keeping the arm bent at a 45 degree angle, draw the fist back and then across the front of the body as if sweeping the fist across a shelf.
  5. Fourth, perform an upper-cut punch with the other fist. Again, rotate the leg and hip on that side of the body to help deliver the upper-cut punch with more force.
  6. Repeat the sequence multiple times, then switch so the other side of the body is in the lead.

Knee strikes and kicking sequence:

  1. Stand in the ready position with hands up in a guard position; fists on either side of the body at chin or face level.
  2. Raise the fists as if grabbing someone by the shoulders or collar and pull the fists downward as you bring the front-most knee up to strike. This is as if pulling someone by the shoulders down onto the knee strike. Lower that knee and return the hands to the guard position.
  3. Turn the torso and head slightly, and bring the fists in guard position with the torso. Face toward the rear of the room.
  4. Bring the back-most leg up, bending the knee slightly, and then kick it out behind you while looking towards the target. Return the leg to the start position.
  5. Repeat the sequence as many times as desired, then reposition the body so the other leg is kicking back and the other knee is striking.
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