Easy Piano Songs

When you start playing piano, you should look into some easy piano songs to get yourself started learning music. Put your hand on the keys, and let's play some music!

  1. "Moonlight Sonata" Who ever said easy can't be beautiful? This piece is so calming, and even more calming to play. The difficulty of this song is very easy, and we'll bet you can learn this song in less than a few weeks. The melody of the piece is very well known, and you've probably heard it in a movie before, so it shouldn't be too difficult to master.
  2. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" Or to sound more professional, "Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman" by Mozart. The piece was originally based off of a French folk song, and there are many variations of it. This song in its entirety is epic, both long and awesome. The part we want to focus on is the lullaby your mom sings you at night when you tell her you finally want to move out. It's very simple, as you can imagine, and should take less than a week to learn.
  3. "My Heart Will Go On" You should know this song from the movie "Titanic". The tune is generally pretty easy to get. If you want to add chords, it'll add some effect, but also some difficulty. This is a good easy piano song to learn for parties, when you want to show all your drunk friends how "good" you've gotten, and to get that one trashed girl across the room that absolutely loves that song to talk to you. Celine Dion would be proud. We know we are.
  4. "Fur Elise" This tune is very recognizable. You've probably heard a lot of people play it on piano before. It's a very popular song to play, and it's actually fairly simple when you play it at a moderate tempo. Now, we know you aren't an expert yet, but we have confidence you can figure this one out. Take it slow, and play each note at a time. The reason we put this one at number four is the somewhat intermediate difficulty. With time, it's easy, thought.
  5. "God Save The Queen" This is the national anthem for many British Realms. The tune is well known, both in the United States, and (Obviously) Great Britain. It is generally very simple. Again, if you'd like to add chords along with the melody, it will make it more difficult. The result, though, will make it more special. Playing this song will help you develope better finger dexterity, and lead you to playing more difficuly piano songs in the future. Time to learn this one is about three days.
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