Easy Tie Dye Instructions for Kids

Tie dying can be made fun and simple with these easy tie dye instructions for kids.  Tie dying is basically done by knotting a shirt then dying it.  The tied areas are not touched by the dye while the rest of the shirt absorbs the dye. By doing this it creates interesting patterns that kids love and admire.

Here is the materials needed for easy tie dye instructions for kids:

  • a shirt of lightweight fabric, preferably a t shirt
  • string or elastic bands
  • hot water dyes or cold water dyes
  1. Wash the shirt and then iron it.
  2. Prepare the fabric for dying.  For a marbled look,  bunch the shirt in a ball and wind the string or bands around it in all directions.  For a striped design, iron the shirt with accordion looking pleats and tie the pleats with the string or bands.  With these easy tie dye instructions for kids there is two different ways to create different designs making for a very creative looking shirt.
  3. Soak the shirt in the dye and stir it for the amount of time stated on the dye.
  4. Rinse the shirt until the water runs clear.
  5. Remove the string or bands.
  6. Unfold the shirt and iron it while it is still damp.

 If not interested in tie dying a shirt, these easy tie dye instructions for kids will work with any light weight fabric.  These easy tie dye instructions for kids are simple enough for a kid to follow, but do require adult supervision, especially with the ironing.

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