Easy Water Ski Tricks

After mastering how to water ski, you may feel it’s time to try a few easy water ski tricks. Performing water ski tricks is a fantastic way to get rid of excess energy, and let’s face it; it’s a great way to show off your water skiing prowess in front of the bikinis. However, when learning, you would be wise to have two people in the boat-one to drive, of course, and a spotter. Moreover, a beginner should never try to learn tricking on rough water. Here are just a few easy water skiing tricks to help you on your way to water ski super-stardom.

  1. Ski Drop. Most consider this an easy water ski trick because it does not require the skier to shift their weight, especially if they take off from a dock with one slalom ski; however, there are many ways to make the transition. Others just let the boat pull them up from the deep water on both water skis. Once they feel balanced enough to drop one ski, they keep one toe in the other ski until they feel they can drop it and put that foot in the back boot or toe plate. The real trick here is, to remember to go back and retrieve the ski.
  2. Cross both wakes. This easy water ski trick requires a little boat speed, but oh, what a rush. When the boat begins to turn into a corner, water skiers whip around with it and head back towards the direction they started. This builds enough speed to propel them back across the wake to the other side of the boat. The momentum allows them to repeat the move until the skier tires of skipping wakes.
  3. Side Slide. With a little nerve, balance and practice, this easy water ski trick is accomplished by assuming a vertical crouch and bending the arms and knees directly riding behind the boat. After a few small bounces, they turn their torso to the side and release one hand in tandem. As they reach the highest point of their bounce, they hold their arm out and turn their skis in a 45-degree angle, going in the same direction as their body. Once one has perfected this easy water ski trick, progressing to a full 90-degree turn is a snap; the spray created by this easy water ski trick make them look like a pro.
  4. Back flip. After learning these easy water ski tricks, most people cannot wait challenge themselves and try shooting into the air. As they approach the water ramp, they tilt their heads up and kick their water skis towards the sky. An advanced water ski trickster learns to tuck their knees into their chest. This increases their rotation and results in additional, faster flips. However, while spinning, they have to anticipate where their landing spot will happen. Obviously, this is a slightly harder water ski trick, but think of it like this. While practicing, if you don’t always land upright, it will definitely clear up your sinuses!
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