Easy Wrestling Moves

Learning a few easy wrestling moves, whether you're an actual wrestler or just a knowledge seeker, is a useful pursuit. Wrestling, as a sport, represents an athlete's ability to use force, agility, and strength in perfect harmony with one another. One must be attuned with their body and know the vulnerable points of their opponents' in order to succeed. The following easy wrestling moves are executable by almost anyone, and help to introduce a beginning wrestler to the essential concepts of power and control.

  1. The Bear Hug. This relatively easy wrestling move requires only brute strength and basic positioning to perform. When done effectively, the bear hug is a painful body lock, and, in combination with a lift, can serve as a powerful take down. To do it, simply wrap your arms around your opponent's midsection, locking each hand on the opposite wrist. Then, flex and squeeze as hard as possible to inflict an uncomfortable pressing feeling on your opponent's ribcage.

  2. The Inside-Leg Standup. If you're trapped beneath your adversary on your hands and knees, this easy wrestling move can help you escape in a hurry. In the first step, you bring the leg on the side of your body the your opponent's on up, so that you're now on one knee. Follow that by pushing with that leg until you can stand up. As you're doing this, grab the opponent's wrist on your opposite side with both hands. Once you're up, simply swing that hand over your thigh and behind you.

  3. The Double Leg Take Down. This wrestling move is about as basic as it gets. If you and your opponent are facing each other, this move can be very effective. Start by leading your dominant foot in between the opponent's legs. Then, let that knee fall to the mat as you lunge forward, wrapping your arms around both of your opponent's thighs. Depending on where you feel his momentum is headed, you can either lift him over your head or take him down on his back. Either way, you will be on top of him and in control.

  4. The Side Roll. Of all the easy wrestling moves at your disposal, this one might be the most effective in getting out of a compromising position. If your opponent has taken you to your hands and knees and is on top of you, it's the quickest way to get out. Start by grabbing one of the opponent's wrists with both hands, and pulling them down to your waist as quickly and forcefully as possible. When the arm is in your control, use your core strength to create a sideways momentum. With enough force, the opponent will fall on his back, leaving you in position to take control. 

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