Echinacea Benefits

There are many Echinacea benefits, including health and mental. Echinacea is a herb that many Indians used years ago to help heal themselves and others. This herb can be used for many purposes, but it's main benefits are health related. The following is a list of the top five health benefits of Echinacea and what they mean for the person using it.

  1. Treating colds. Studies have been done over the years and have been debatable on whether or not Echinacea helps to cure a cold. However, most studies have found that one of the benefits of Echinacea is that it indeed does help to cure a cold. The herb is great for boosting the immune system and it is that system of the body that needs help in fighting off a cold.
  2. Healing wounds. As was said earlier, Echinacea can help to boost the immune system. This means that the herb can help white blood cells reach the site of infection faster and quicker than ever. This herb, most often used in tea, is great for treating a wound on any part of the body. It is very effective and many people use it regularly to feel better, faster.
  3. UTIs. A urinary tract infection can be very painful and serious if not treated. One way to help clear up a UTI is to drink Echinacea tea at morning and night. Drinking this can help to flush out the urinary system and remove any harmful bacteria that may be sitting in the bladder. 
  4. Ear infections. Another health benefit of Echinacea is that it can help to fight any sort of infections, especially ear infections. Infections require many white blood cells in order to defeat them. Echinacea can help to create more white blood cells in the body and hurry them along in the healing process.
  5. Preventing serious illness. Many people think that they can only use Echinacea when they are already sick. However, Echinacea can actually be taken or used regularly in order to help prevent serious illnesses. These illnesses include the flu, pneumonia and more. 
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