Ed Hardy Bathing Suits

Wear Ed Hardy bathing suits to show you're a "Jersey Shore" wannabe. Ed Hardy bathing suits feature the artist's vintage, multi-layered beach boy tattoo designs on fabric, perfect for all you guidos out there. Show your "Jersey Shore" taste in surfer apparel whether you hang ten or not. Snooki would approve.

  1. Ed Hardy "Smokin' Love" board shorts Complete with background smoke, and the foreground logo that reads, "Love kills slowly" emblazoned on a banner over a skull and heart. You can score these in either black or white. A  giant "EDH" is on one leg, in yellow on the black ones, and blue on the white. There's one velcro pocket on the butt. They Have an 11 inch inseam. 100% polyester, so they dry fast. Don't iron them. (Would Pauly D iron board shorts?)
  2. Ed Hardy "Surreal Stripes" board shorts This pair features a gnarly diamond back snake, entwined in a bulge-eyed skull,  facing off against a fierce eagle. The background is stripes that change color from top to bottom. The sunset color changes from orange down to yellow, and the lime color changes from yellow down to mint green. The inseam is 11 inches, just like the rest of these Ed Hardy board shorts. There's a velcro pocket in back. These are drawstrings, and made of polyester. Can't you see Jionni sportin' a pair like this?
  3. Ed Hardy "Burning Tiger" board shorts These feature a rad roaring tiger in bright oranges on one leg, and a shadowy roaring tiger in shadowy colors on the other leg. You can get them in black or white. Long, with an inseam of 11 inches, these have a drawstring, a velcro back pocket, and are made of polyester.
  4. Ed Hardy "Hardy Party" board shorts You've got a bulldog, a tiger, a dragon, and a skull on these, along with Ed Hardy insignias. They come in either black or blue. These aren't as boldly colored as most of his other designs, but they're certainly making a fashion statement boldly anyway. These let you hang loose with no liner. A velcro back pocket and drawstring, along with a "Pray for surf" design on the inside back waistband complete these Ed Hardy board shorts. Wear these to the next "Jersey Shore" casting call.
  5. Ed Hardy "Dragon Rose" board shorts These feature a big, fanged dragon, and a big fanged snake. They're all entwined with red roses. Then, there's the yellow Ed Hardy signature and insignia. All this, dancing around a background of black. These are definitely for surfers. In the old school style, there's a drawstring, and no inner liner, but that's OK, because they're down to your knees. You even get a surf wax comb included in the back pocket, and a "Surf or die" design on the inside, back waistband. Just ask what surf wax is next time you're at the "Shore Store."



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