Ed Hardy Car Accessories

Pimp your ride with these Ed Hardy car accessories that are sure to turn heads wherever you drive. From seat covers to floor mats, you can cover your car top to bottom with Ed Hardy accessories and make your ride look just as tattooed as the tat master himself.

  1. Seat covers: Cover those unsightly rips and pop stains on your seat with Love Kills Slowly seat covers. They come with a black background and the Love Kills Slowly heart emblem. They only fit bucket seats, though, and they’re not so great for seats with arm rests.
  2. Steering wheel cover: Need a little extra grip? The Love Kills Softly steering wheel cover gives your hands extra traction plus a little fashion detail with the Love Kills Slowly roses in three places around the wheel.
  3. Visor organizer: If Ed Hardy wrote music, you’d have all of his albums in this 10-CD visor organizer. It looks just like the rest of the Love Kills Softly Ed Hardy car accessories, so it will fit right in with the black and pink theme.
  4. Floor mats: These Ed Hardy car accessories floor mats are contoured to fit most car bottoms beneath the pedals and on the passenger side. Just try to kick off your shoes before getting mud and slush all over Ed’s hard work.
  5. Seat belt covers: You do wear your seat belt, right? At least you can buckle up in style with these Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly belt covers, which are designed to keep that nasty belt material from rubbing you the wrong way.
  6. Air vent pouch: Who knows what you’ll stuff in this thing, but it’s supposed to fit right onto the air conditioning vent in your car. Just try not to load it with stuff that will smell if the air permeates it around the car.
  7. Decal: Stick it on your rear window, side window or anywhere that won’t obstruct your view. If your friends haven’t figured out your Ed Hardy car accessories fetish by now, they never will.
  8. Car air fresheners:  As if you needed another piece of junk to hang off of your rear view mirror. At least the Ed Hardy fresheners come in sweet scents, including peach, strawberry and lemon.
  9. Individual seat covers: If you don’t want seat covers in the Love Kills Slowly line, you can get the Koi, Bulldog or Tiger seat covers instead. You can buy these one at a time, or sometimes in a set of two.
  10. Individual steering wheel cover: Again, if you don’t want the Love Kills Slowly line, you can get steering wheel covers from the Bulldog, Tiger and Koi lines. But the rest of the Ed Hardy car accessories, like the pouch, seat belt covers, floor mats and visor organizer, don’t come in these lines.
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