Ed Hardy Hoodies And Lounge Pants

Ed Hardy hoodies and lounge pants come in a variety of colors, tattoo designs and styles for men and women. The best Ed Hardy hoodies and lounge pants come in vibrant colors with the most design and decals packed onto the available real estate.

  1. Double Love Signature Hoodie The Double Love Signature Hoodie by Ed Hardy features a flaming tree of skulls, fire and Adam and Eve on a black background with bold aquamarine "Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier" lettering. While all figures are somewhat difficult to make out on such a busy hoodie, the overall design is one of the most intricate. The front of the hoodie features a yellow zipper, waistband hood and cuffs.
  2. Death Before Dishonor Military guys and military wannabe's will love the militaristic "Death Before Dishonor" emblem beneath a thundering grey background with a wing-spread American eagle and lightning strikes emitting from every direction. The front of this zippered hoodie Has "Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier" centered across the chest.
  3. Do or Die Reversible Hoodie This two-sided hoodie lets guys pick between a light beige outer color and midnight black. The native side, beige, features the "Do… or Die" motto with a dagger making its way between the cracks of a skull. The other side is a twist of several small Don Ed Hardy tattoos in random order around the sweatshirt.
  4. Glory Skull Lounge Jams Ed Hardy gives guys a comfortable way to lounge or sleep around with grey Glory Skull lounge shorts, which look like board shorts in cotton instead of Spandex. These lounge pajamas have a thick drawstring closure with bright red "Ed Hardy" lettering on the right leg. Ed Hardy does not carry lounge pants for guys.
  5. Skull Roses Lounge Jams Pitch-black lounge shorts feature draw-string closure, purple "Ed Hardy" lettering on the right leg and a ghostly silhouette of a skull and roses down the left leg. Comfy lounge jams are knee-length.
  6. Pandragon Specialty Track Jacket Ed Hardy hoodies and lounge pants for girls come in a wider variety of colors and styles than for men. The Pandragon specialty track jacket is no exception, with a straight mock collared, zip-up front featuring a thick waist band and cuffs.
  7. Panther and Roses Tunic Hoodie Bring a splash of mystery to the day with a tunic hoodie from Ed Hardy. A tunic hoodie is a skinnier, elongated version of regular hoodies with tight long sleeves and bold tattoos on the back side. Most tunic hoodies do not feature tattoo designs on the front.
  8. Koi Specialty Pullover Hoodie The multicolored Koi fish makes a great addition to a deep purple V-neck pullover hoodie by Ed Hardy. The back of the hoodie displays a tidal wave and printed applique lettering, "Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier."
  9. Skull Rose Printed Bottoms Flash back to the past in antiquated dusty rose loungewear pants with Ed Hardy rose and skull designs. These bottoms can be worn as pajamas or loungewear.
  10. Shark Rose Platinum Drawstring Pants For a whopping $120, girls and ladies can wear electric purple drawstring Ed Hardy lounge pants around the house or the beach, bearing a flashy red rose with a great white shark swimming through the middle of the flower. This is the perfect addition to other Ed Hardy hoodies and lounge pants collections in a woman's closet.
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