Efx Bracelet Scam

Over the last months there has been a major scandal in various countries because of the lawsuits against Power Balance Enterprise over the Efx Bracelet scam. They had been sentenced to pay millions of dollars and their products have been removed from the market. If you were thinking on buying one Efx bracelet and were wondering about what this really is about, or what is exactly an Efx bracelet, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you’ll find all you need to know about the Efx bracelet scam.

What are exactly Efx Bracelets? Efx bracelets are wristbands made of rubber that have a round hologram in the middle. It also receives the name of power balance, since this hologram is supposed to give balance and stability to your body by emitting frequencies. This is the reason why its consumers are generally surfers, skaters, or people who practice any sport in their daily life. Efx bracelets’ benefits are supposed to be scientifically proven, which is a claim to its success in the market.

What’s the Scam? Efx Bracelet started receiving various complaints from the media and the Internet of being a scam. The supposed benefits aren’t as they claimed, and its impact has been produced by a massive publicity campaign. Complaints spurred scandal in countries like Spain where the most important media channels covered this matter extensively. The Polytechnic University of Madrid conducted scientific researches and concluded that the Efx bracelet didn’t give any balance. Therefore, the FACUA (Spanish consumers association) made a lawsuit to Power Balance for misleading advertisement.

Power Balance Response. Power Balance made a public statement where they apologized for any misinterpretation consumers could have made of their ad campaigns. Power Balance accepted that there was no scientific evidence that could support their claims about the Efx bracelets. In Australia, for example, they gave a phone number where people could ask for a full refund on their bracelets. So, it was clear that the bracelet was nothing more than good publicity stunt and placebo effect.

Are there still Efx Bracelets? Although media all around the world treated the Efx bracelets scam, Power Balance continues making them and selling them by the millions. They have now reformulated their ad campaigns by being very careful in making any reference to a scientific trials or proven statements. There are still millions of people out there that claim that Efx bracelets have actually helped them improve their overall performance.

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