Egg Drop Ideas

Egg drop ideas are vastly plentiful. An egg drop contest is an event where contestants try to make a gadget that can keep an egg stationary when it is free fallen from a certain height. Students are challenged to construct a device fashioned from a limited amount of materials to keep the egg from breaking when it is dropped from various heights. Whether you are helping your eight-year-old prepare for the egg drop contest for his or her elementary school fun day, or you are a college student getting ready for the contest between different fraternity houses, the following egg drop ideas should help in getting ready for this contest of contests.

  1. The Rice Krispie trick. This technique involves placing the egg inside a big plastic bag, surrounded with cereal, and filling five other bags with Rice Krispies. Place the small bags inside the big bag, ensuring that the egg bag is in the middle. All of the remaining "eggless" bags should be protecting the main egg bag.
  2. The stockings trick. If you have recently nailed a hot girl, and kept her stocking as a souvenir, you can use these as an egg drop idea! Cut off one of the legs of the stocking. Put the egg near the knee area. Take something that will secure the egg, preferably rubber bands, around the stockings. Stretch the stockings across a medium sized box, so that the egg is in the center of the box. At this point, all you need to do is staple or tape the two ends of the stockings together, in order to secure the egg during the inevitable "drop."
  3. Styrofoam cups. In this simple project, take one cup and put a rock inside the cup. Now, take six cups and place them inside the cup with the rock inside it. Add another cup and place the egg inside it. Add a final Styrofoam cup to secure the egg, but ensure that it is holding it gently. Finally, make a strip of tape the length of the stack of cups to make sure that the cups do not disperse during flight!
  4. Peanuts trick. Find a Tupperware dish or something of that nature that resembles the shape of an egg. Fill the container with packing peanuts that theoretically are already yellow. At this point, simply place the egg inside and place a weight at the top. This will insure that the egg falls with the top pointed down upon its decent.
  5. The force distribution trick. Take a piece of paper and form the shape of cone, except, leave a hole in the bottom, just big enough for an egg. Tape six drinking straws around the circumference of the other side of the paper cone. Making sure the egg is pointing out, drop the egg. This is supposed to roughly simulate the actual laying of a chicken egg by the chicken. A demonstration you absolutely cannot die without seeing. In fact, you will be transfixed and forever enlightened when you witness such an occurrence!

The above egg drop ideas are only a few associated with this time honored tradition. Individual wittiness and experimentation should be used when putting together such a project for said egg drop contest. Your eggs, and possibly even your chickens, will thank you.

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