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Using online dating sites has become an accepted way to meet new people, and many singles want eHarmony advice to make the most of the online dating megasite. The site uses a lengthy questionnaire to make matches between members. This is a far different experience from joining a site and browsing through profiles to find singles that you are interested in.

  1. Make sure that you are eligible to get matched with other members. The way that eHarmony works is to put new members through a lengthy questionnaire that determines your eligibility as well as your future matches. If you are married but separated or estranged, you are not eligible. The site will have you answer the entire questionnaire before telling you that you are not eligible.
  2. Answer all of the questions honestly. If you go into the questionnaire thinking about what you want your match to be rather than what you honestly need in a partner, you won't be using the site for your best advantage. The best eHarmony advice is to take your time with each question and answer it to the best of your ability.
  3. Read the eHarmony advice area of the site for extensive dating tips. The eHarmony advice area can help you to learn more about what your match may be looking for and how to forge a healthy and stable relationship. These tips are for both men and women and encompass everything from spending money on a date to what not to say on a first date. 
  4. Get a promotional code before signing up as a paying member of the site. You might also wait to create a paid membership until you see that a match has been found or you. Filling out the questionnaire and setting up your user profile can be done with a free membership. The thrifty eHarmony advice is to wait for your matches to be emailed to you and then pay if you want to communicate with those matches.
  5. Take a chance with the best matches you are presented with. The site may not set you up with people that you would normally seek out, but that may be part of why you're single. The matches you are sent is the real eHarmony advice, and that is what the site is all about. 


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