Elbow Tattoos

Do you want to know some cool ideas for elbow tattoos? If so, then you have come to the right place. Tattoos are very popular amongst people today and everyone is looking for the right art to add onto their body. The good news is that there are a plethora of tattoos you can choose from to add on your elbow, but before you make a decision too fast, you should check one of these popular elbow tattoos.

  1. Dragon. The dragon tattoo is very popular amongst men. It portrays a sense of bravery and masculinity. Some people get the dragon tattoo starting the tail from the elbow and up along the bottom part of the arm or you could get this tattoo with a baby dragon. The dragon tattoo can be pretty impressive and is highly customizable.
  2. Ying and Yang sign. The Yin and Yang sign is a very ancient sign that says a lot with just its appearance. Getting this tattoo can make you appear to be a person with inner knowledge and understanding of the world around you. You can get this tattoo on your elbow as small as a quarter or as large as a silver dollar. Most people get it colored the standard black and white or sometimes with other colors of their choice.
  3. A single letter. Many people seem to get a single letter on their elbow for a tattoo. You can be creative with just one letter and it could mean more than just a letter for some people. The Chinese letter is very popular for elbow tattoo wearers. The great thing about the single letter elbow tattoo is that it is inexpensive and takes less time than other tattoos. Many people get a face picture of either their loved ones, their favorite animal, or even a pictures of a celebrity. Please note that with this elbow tattoo the portrait of the person will be rather small, but it is ideal for someone who doesn’t like large portraits on their body. However, you can have the portrait extended from your elbow along the surface of your arm.
  4. The Skull. Skulls are very popular for men as an elbow tattoo. One good thing about skulls is that they will almost never go out of style. Every skull is not created equal though. You can customize your skull up to the fullest by opting for unusual skull shapes and colors. You will never steer wrong with the skull elbow tattoo.
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