Electric Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes are a good substitute for anyone who is trying to quit smoking and for the smoker who enjoys smoking but wants to be able to enjoy it without being restricted as to where he can smoke. The electric cigarette is supposed to have no additives and chemicals unlike tobacco cigarettes. Even though it has not been evaluated and approved by the Federal Drug Association for its safety or effectiveness, people are still willing to give electric cigarettes a try. Just the idea of being able to smoke without smelling like an ashtray and giving off secondhand smoke makes this new type of cigarette easy to sell to people who are looking for alternatives.

Cigarette smokers are happy for this new change to their smoking world because society has placed so many laws about where they can smoke that it makes it difficult for a smoker to enjoy his pastime. Electric cigarettes will save the cigarette smoker money because he will not be buying packs of cigarettes every month. Though the electric cigarette is tobacco-free it still has the same look, feel and taste without the harmful side effects. This new type of cigarette does not have to be lit; when you want to smoke using the electric cigarette, just put the battery in and the end of the cigarette will light up just like a real cigarette. This device makes it easy to smoke, giving the illusion of smoke which is really just a mist of water.

People who are trying to quit smoking will like this new cigarette. Although it doesn't claim to help people quit smoking, it will give the smoker a feeling of relief from the smell that cigarettes leave behind. Knowing that your health is not at risk while smoking can help the person who wants to quit not feel as pressured and he will gradually be able to stop smoking all together.

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