Electric Feel Lyrics

The band MGMT's "Electric Feel" lyrics are at first somewhat difficult to comprehend, with their juxtaposition between a human woman and the electronic nature of her body. However, studying the "Electric Feel" lyrics indicates that MGMT's song can be categorized as a standard love song, although its subject matter equates the hypnotic appeal of a woman to the jolting physicality of electricity.

The song begins with describing a woman who draws people to her, where "people line up to receive" from her. Immediately, the listener is introduced to the metaphor of the woman as a source of electricity, because she has the "power in her hand/To shock you like you won't believe." It is evident that the woman's raw attraction resembles that of the appeal and danger of electricity, and the "Electric Feel" lyrics make it evident that the listener is drawn to the woman just as much as the writer is.

The repeated chorus emphasizes the attraction of the writer to the "electric" woman, who asks the woman to "shock like an electric eel" and "turn me on with your electric feel"; quite simply, the electric feel is the sensation of her touch to the writer. The use of electricity acts as a sense for the listener to relate to, helping to understand the attraction of the writer to the woman.

The "Electric Feel" lyrics are also vaguely sexual; in the second verse, the writer euphemistically refers to sex with the lines "oh, you can do it all the time/Plug it in and change the world". This is done in a sensual and sweet way, however, and not overtly crass in its display. The use of electricity as a metaphor also allows for the subtle tone of sexuality without becoming explicit, and the reference to the woman as an Amazonian emphasizes her strength and attractive nature.

MGMT's "Electric Feels" lyrics are certainly a little ambiguous at first, but with time the listener is able to relate to the writer's attraction to a woman who seems to course with raw electricity. Combining sex and a strong female protagonist, the song has become a hit for MGMT on the radio. Just like the woman of the song, the "Electric Feel" lyrics have become an attraction as strong as electricity—and the song is shocking and jolting in its catchy tunes.

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