Electric Scooters For Adults

If limited mobility is a problem for you, there are many types of electric scooters for adults. They range from a lightweight travel-type scooter to a heavier weight recreational scooter. They also come in different strengths that can hold more weight, go faster speeds, and are equipped with longer-lasting batteries. These electric scooters can give you back your mobility, independence, freedom and control of your life.

  1. AmeriGlide 111TS Electric Scooter. This 84 pound blue lightweight scooter can support up to 250 pounds. It has a ten mile battery and a top speed of 4.25 mph. It is equipped with an electromechanical regenerative braking system. The scooter measures 37.75” x 18.625” and the seat measures 15” x 16.5”. It breaks down into three parts which makes it easier to take with you on your trip. The turning radius is 32”.
  2. AmeriGlide Three Wheel Traveler Scooter. This 100 pound electric scooter comes in five parts for easy moving. The top speed is four mph on a ten-mile battery, and it has a turning radius of 32.5”. The extra size 17” x 17” seat and 37” x 19.5” body will support up to 275 pounds. It is available in red and blue.
  3. Golden Three Wheel Buzzaround Lite Electric Scooter. This 98 pound, five-piece scooter has an eight-mile battery with a top speed of four mph. The large 17” x 17” seat and the 36.5” x 21.25” body supports up to 250 pounds. It has forward and reverse controls and a 31” radius. The scooter comes with three panels that can be interchanged in red, blue and sahara.
  4. Pride Three Wheel Go-Go Ultra X Electric Scooter. This 92 pound scooter is available in red and blue and can support up to 260 pounds on its 17” x 17” seat. It has a top speed of 4.25 mph on a ten-mile drop-in battery. The body measures 36.5” x 19.25” and breaks down into five pieces. It has a 32.5" turning radius.
  5. Pride Four Wheel Go-Go Ultra X Electric Scooter. This scooter weighs 97 pounds and, like the three wheel scooter, holds up to 260 pounds. All other specifications are the same as the three wheel scooter except the turn radius is 43.25" and the dimensions are 39.75” x 19.25”.
  6. Pride Three Wheel Go-Go Elite Traveller Electric Scooter. This sturdy 96 pound, five-piece scooter holds up to 275 pounds on its 36.5” x 19.25” body and 17” x 17” seat. The top speed is 4.25 mph and it has a ten-mile battery life. The turning ratio is 32.5”. It comes with red, blue and silver pop-off panels.
  7. Pride Three Wheel Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus Electric Scooter. This five-piece  scooter weighs 115.5 pounds and can carry up to 300 pounds. Its top speed is 4.5 mph and the battery is good for thirteen miles. The scooter measures 40” x 21.125”, and it has a turning radius of 34”. It has red, blue and silver pop-off panels.
  8. Golden Three Wheel Lite Rider GC-110 Scooter. This comfortable six-piece electric scooter made of anti-rust steel, weighs in at 121 pounds and can carry weight of 300 pounds. It measures 41.5” x 23.25” and has a top speed of five mph. It has a 39” turn radius and is available in red and blue.
  9. Luggie Folding Travel Scooter. This lightweight 57.2 pound scooter is perfect for travelers. It will go four mph, has an eleven mile battery that runs on a 5.5 amp lithium battery pack, and it can hold 250 pounds. It has a 35.5” turn radius and measures 39” x 18”. It can fold up to fit in a suitcase with wheels when traveling. It is available in blue, champagne, red, sky blue and yellow.
  10. Active Care Prowler Four Wheel Electric Scooter. This recreational scooter holds up to 500 pounds with a top speed of seven mph on a 23 mile battery. It measures 51” X 26”, a 20” x 18” seat, and a turn radius of 69”. The scooter weighs 233 pounds, and is equipped with a captain’s chair, comfortable arm rests, and mirrors. The tires are 12” x 3-1/2” and the brakes are electromagnetic. It also has front and rear suspension.                                                                                                                           
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