Elizabethan Clothing For Men

The Renaissance era was probably the most influential when it comes to the best Elizabethan clothing for men. During this time period, clothing determined a man’s social status and wealth in society. Clothes were typically crimson and royal purple in color and made from satins, fine woolens and velvet, which were fairly expensive at the time. Men’s outfits consisted of breeches, a shirt, a vest, a belt, a doublet, a ruff, a cloak, boots and a hat.

  1. Museum swordsman’s shirt. This is a beautifully crafted shirt that moves away from the traditional billowy cuff, which makes it suitable for a swordsman going off to battle. It comes in purple, white and black and it is pleated in the front. Manufactured by Museum Replicas and one of their biggest sellers, this shirt is fashioned to be tucked into pants and battle ready.
  2. Long hooded velvet cape. No man's Elizabethan outfit would be complete without a hooded cape. Museum Replicas' hooded cape is handcrafted from black cotton velvet with a satin lining. It comes in white, red or purple and measures 45 1/2” long from neck to hem. This is a sophisticated cape that has arm openings, so it can be worn two different ways.
  3. Sailor's vest. This has to be the sexiest Elizabethan vest on the market for men. It’s sleeveless and open at the chest with reinforced grommets. Made of black cotton, this vest is reversible to burgundy, navy or hunter green. It is machine washable and it’s like getting two sailor vests for one price.
  4. Knee breeches. These are a traditional part of the Elizabethan era and they are straight-cut knicker pants with elastic gathered cuffs and waist. They are available in black, tan, brown or green and are manufactured by the Tudor Shoppe, which is the official costume shop of the North Carolina Renaissance Faire.
  5. Renaissance boots. The Tudor Shoppe also has the best boots, which are sported in black. They wrap around the leg and lace up for the perfect fit. These boot are the best because they can go with many different types of men's Elizabethan clothing.
  6. Twill doublet. This twill doublet is lined and ideal for wedding parties or anyone on a budget. It features grommets up the front and you can order detachable sleeves for it. This can be found at the Very Merry Seamstress, where all of their clothing is custom designed and handmade.
  7. Coachman’s hat. This hat is representative of the black chauffeur’s cap, which is made of suede to fit the Elizabethan clothing era. It’s brimmed and banded and it’s sold by the Pyramid Collection.
  8. Renaissance big shirt. This shirt is romantic and it’s generously tailored in comfortable cotton. It’s fitted with side slits, gathered across they chest and sports cloth covered cuff buttons. Also at the Pyramid Collection, this shirt comes in white and it’s a Pyramid exclusive.
  9. Tavern man outfit. If you’re looking for a whole outfit, BuyCostumes.com has the best tavern man outfit. It features a dark green velour top with white sleeves, a brown lace-up front and gold trim. It also comes with brown velour pants to complete the outfit.
  10. Leather sporran. This pouch is big enough to carry a wallet, checkbook, keys and the occasional flask. It’s very stylish and goes well with any Elizabethan men's outfit. It comes in black and can be found at the Castle Closet.

These are the best pieces of Elizabethan clothing for men, which blend sophistication with the Elizabethan fashion to create some of the best outfits. These are all high quality articles of clothing and are perfect for many occasions. Think about this style for an upcoming event, such as a wedding or festival.

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