Elk Hunting Gear Essentials

Why should you care about elk hunting gear essentials? Because great gear increases your likelihood of success while keeping you comfortable in the wilderness. Imagine that you're on the trail of an elk. You're getting closer to your quarry and stealth is critical. You take a few steps forward and your cheap boot loses traction with the muddy ground. You fall, the noise scares the elk and your scope is busted. How can you avoid this? Simply by thinking of every phase of the hunt and then selecting the best elk hunting gear essentials that you can afford. Let's walk through this list of essential gear.

  1. Comfortable boots. Select boots that are comfortable. You'll be hiking for miles over difficult terrain. Make sure you have boots with good traction for the terrain you'll traverse. Waterproof boots are superior, especially in areas where you expect to cross rivers or walk in streams. A boot that lets moisture out and keeps your feet dry and free of feet fungous. Soles that buffer shock will help with jumping and protecting your back
  2. Good clothing. Get clothes that let perspiration exit your body and keep heat in. Get high tech clothing that allows you to wear the least amount of layers. You'll need to have full range of motion for your rifle. You also want clothing that will keep the wind out and if possible some amount of rain too. For example, Check out clothing made by Under Armour, Blackhawk and 5.11
  3. Robust backpack. Get a waterproof backpack that's big enough for your gear and any meat you plan to take back. Make sure the backpack gives you good weight distribution and that it doesn't press on your lumbar. Get a backpack with external ammo and binocular pockets and get the best backpack you can afford. See if you can add an internal water carrier. Those who exclude a good backpack from their elk hunting gear essentials pay a heavy price in the wilderness.
  4. Suitable rifle. Get a rifle with suitable caliber, such as the 30-30, 30-06 or 300 WSM to assure a one-shot kill. Be sure to zero the rifle with your hunting ammunition. A reliable and accurate rifle is at the the top of any elk hunting fear essentials list since it is the tool that will get that elk.
  5. Best ammo. Don't use surplus ammo. Don't use reloaded ammunition. Buy the best ammunition you can afford, from companies with good reputation, for example Hornady, Winchester, Remington or Corbon. Memorize the scope calibration for your chosen ammo. Save a buck here and you'll lose your elk.
  6. Great scope. Get a good waterproof scope. Get lens covers and scope coat. Don't buy a cheap surplus or imported-from-nowhere scope. Get one that's good quality. Don't take a scope which has massive magnification. A scope that offer 3X to 9X is sufficient. Use the money saved on magnification on an even better quality scope. If you have an extra scope, take it, just in case the main one breaks. Be sure to zero both scopes with the hunting ammo.
  7. Good hunting knife. Get a solid, tough and sharp hunting knife. Make sure it can cut wood, flesh and if need be bone. Get a stainless steel blade which is longer than four-inches and shorter than seven-inches. Make sure the blade is sharp before you leave.
  8. Confidence. The last ingredient in the elk hunting gear essentials in confidence. You need to have confidence in your great, rile, ammo and most of all yourself. Trust your training and know that you can get the elk you want. Confidence is critical for success and it will see you through your hunt.
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