Eminem Music Videos

Eminem music videos are usually quite good, because the rapper is impossible to keep your eyes off of. He also starred in the movie "8 Mile", which further solidified his acting credentials.

  1. "The Real Slim Shady" - This Eminem video is worth watching just to see the rapper dis Britney Spears. This funny video finds Eminem playing a number of different roles, including an asylum resident and a fast food employee. Slim Shady is Eminem's alter ego.
  2.  "Just Lose It" - In this video, Eminem gets to play many other music stars. In one of its best scenes, Madonna's pointy boobs explode and catch Michael Jackson's hair on fire. He also plays Pee Wee Herman, where one of the Herman vocal phrases provides an auditory hook for the chorus. Eminem is funny in the video, even though he never loses his edge with this humor.
  3. "Superman" – This is a dark love song. In it, Eminem, brags that he's a romantic superhero. He's seen going after a porn star-like girl. There's also a scene where Eminem is seen with a bunch of girls, which shows that the character in this song can never be true to just one woman. You don't get the impression this is Eminem speaking for himself. Instead, he seems to be commenting on typical male sex addicts that just don't know when to say when.
  4. "3 a.m" – In one of the creepiest of all of Eminem's videos, this clip features images of the rapper visiting murder scenes. There are shots of blody bodies. Eminem is also shown outside in the woods, as though he's running from the law. Much of this video is shot in slow motion. It creates a frightening mood. The viewer is forced to look inside the world of a serial killer.
  5. "White America" – "White America" is an animated video. The lyrics tals about the real white America, not the whitewashed one most people assume exists. In this vision, Eminem paints a much darker vision of the country. "I could be one of your kids," he says, just to scare some folks.



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