Eminem Quotes About Relationships

Eminem’s enigma as one of the best rappers in today’s pop scene can be attributed to his interesting quotes about relationship. Eminem took the rap and music industry by storm in 1998 with his unique rapping style that very few can ever duplicate. Despite the in-your-face attitude and derides that he exudes in his songs, Eminem has a number of memorable quotes about his insights about relationships. Truly, you can find jewels in the most unexpected places.

  1. “You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something.” No one else could have said it better and with such conviction than Eminem. He surely did make a lot of enemies or simply haters from his songs and it is his own life that best speaks of this message. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believed in no matter how ugly it can be for other people. Perhaps a lot of us could use this kind of balls.
  2. “Love, when spelled backwards and read phonetically, reads evil.” So true. They say that the road to perdition is paved with good intentions. Perhaps love as it is not enough for relationships to work out. It is very tragic to find what was used to be love turn into something bad when reality finally bites into a relationship.
  3. “Maybe our relationship isn’t as crazy as it seems, maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.” This quite is very reminiscent of his hit song "Love the Way You Lie." Two people fall madly in love but their burning and colliding passion and personalities eventually burn them. Most of the time, one or the other has to bend so that they can accommodate each other. This Eminem quote about relationships surely fits a lot of people out there.
  4. “Sometimes I’m real cool, but sometimes I could be a real asshole. I think everyone is like that.” No one can refute this one. Some are just more able to curb their inner assholes than somebody else, but assholes nonetheless.
  5. “No love lost, no love found.” Eminem surely got very deep with this quote about relationship. If people are eager to love, then they should be brave enough to face the possibility of losing it. It can be very painful but it sure beats sulking along in a corner forever.
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