Empire At War Stargate Mod

The “Empire At War” Stargate mod is a perfect way to rekindle your love for the addictive gaming mechanics of the popular "Star Wars" series. Most mods alter a few aspects players griped about or added some more ships or vehicles that were missing in the boxed release, but the Stargate mod is a complete deconstruction. While it uses the game engine, design and tactical combat aspects of “Empire At War”, it is another universe.

  1. The new mod. The “Empire At War” Stargate mod is more than just slapping on new game sprites over the Star Wars universe. It is a different game and some would argue it plays better than it's predecessor. There are new animations as well more emphasis on heroes. The buildings, ships, troops and even the sound effects are completely different. Think of it like the game “Half Life”. “Half Life” uses the “Quake 3” game engine but is a completely different game.
  2. BBS. The BBS, or Base Built Strategy, is one of the more intriguing and fun additions in the Stargate mod. In “Empire At War”, there was a lot of restrictions and time involved for building bases. Using the BBS mode in the Stargate mod allows you to squeeze in a base anywhere it fits by rotating it around. Then you can instantly start producing new units. This only works against other players though.  
  3. Aliens. Just like the“Empire At War” universe, there are some weird aliens you can play in the Stargate mod. The three races you can play are the Anubis, Wraith and the Ta'uri, which is the alliance between the Asgard and the puny human race. You will also encounter Stargate favorites like the Ori, the Replicators, the Systemlord Alliance and others. Each is unique in tactics, look and feel which makes the “Empire At War” Stargate mod an instant classic. Oh, and it's free!


  • You will need the 1.05 patch for “Empire At War” in order to run the Stargate mod. 
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