Endurance Training

You can't just jump into endurance training blindly. You must learn the proper techniques in order to successfully train to increase your stamina. If proper endurance training techniques aren't followed, your stamina won't increase and you can cause injury to your body. You must be determined when increasing your endurance level and look at the training with a positive attitude. The right mindset will allow you to achieve your desired endurance level.

For proper endurance training, you will need to:

  • Warm up
  • Push Yourself
  • Rest
  • Train Effectively
  1. Endurance training involves warming up properly. You must warm up prior to exercising or you can cause injuries to yourself. By warming up properly you will ensure your body will perform its best by increasing strength, flexibility and stamina.
  2. Endurance training is meant to increase your endurance, and that can only be accomplished by pushing yourself. Push yourself to increase your weight threshold, just know your limits and do it safely. Push out that extra rep and push yourself a few seconds longer. In doing so, you will gradually increase your stamina.
  3. To increase your stamina, you will need to learn to take shorter rest periods. You should only rest for about 30 seconds and then keep going. This will help you build stamina, and it is a great method to use for those seeking an increased muscle mass.
  4. Although pushing yourself is an important aspect of endurance training, make sure you don't over do it. Know your limits and exercise at a steady and moderate pace. Be careful not to over train and remember to be patient. Building your endurance level takes time.

While training, keep track of your progress. Start a log recording your workout times and what you did during your work out. This will allow you to clearly see what areas you are progressing with and what areas you may need to work a little harder at. Tracking your progress is a great way to monitor your goals and stay motivated.

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