Engagement Party Etiquette

Want to learn about engagement party etiquette? You've come to the right place. An engagement party is normally hosted by the bride's family, and is a way for everyone to gather and share the good news of the engagement. This is not just a regular party, however. There are certain guidelines and rules that should be followed, and engagement party etiquette is very important. 

As mentioned earlier, an engagement party is usually hosted by the bride's family. This is not a rule, however, and even the bride and groom can host it themselves if they choose. Having an engagement party is not required if you become engaged, nor is giving engagement gifts. Some people do enjoy having a party to spread the good news, however, and this is why people decide to have an engagement party. If you decide to have an engagement party, make sure you use the proper etiquette throughout the entire process. 

When inviting guests to the party, only people who are invited to the wedding should be invited to the engagement party. That means that you should not be inviting people that you do not plan to invite to the wedding. Do not expect your guests to bring gifts, as this is not part of the tradition. If a guest does bring a gift, be sure to open it privately or after the party is over. Don't forget to thank them and send a thank you card in the mail. 

The father of the bride is always the first to raise his glass and toast to the happy couple and future newlyweds. The guests of the party will then raise their glasses and make a toast to the bride and groom. The engaged couple should not drink from their glasses at this time. The future groom will then say a few words to the guests and raise a toast to the bride and her family. After all of this has occurred, the other guests of the party may also raise their glasses and toast to the engaged couple. 

Because the future bride will have a new engagement ring to show everyone during the party, she should also give her future husband a nice gift especially for the occasion. It can be a simple, yet meaningful gift to remember the engagement and the moment. 

Typically, the size, style, and decorations of the party will vary and can depend on budget, personal preference, and other factors. You may choose to spend a lot of money and make the event dressy, or you may choose to keep it simple. There are no set rules on how an engagement party should be styled or planned, but guests and the couple should always follow the basic etiquette that goes with having an engagement party. 

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