English Bowling Mistakes

We are going to look at some common English bowling mistakes. English bowling, or lawn bowling, is an ancient sport that requires the player to bowl a round ball so that they stop closest to the smaller bowl called the “jack” or “kitty”.

English bowling can be played indoors and outdoors, on grass or synthetic surfaces. English bowling is popular in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States as it is competitive, and a non contact sport.  However, there are professional competitions and we will look at some of the common English bowling mistakes.

  1. Getting affected by chatterboxes. Some players get affected by cheats and chatterboxes causing English bowling mistakes. This makes it a mental game on top of being a competitive game. Like any other sport, keeping a good mental state is important, blocking out external stimuli or distractions should be an integral part of any English Bowlers training.
  2. Rushing. Rushing to bowl can cause a bad body stance. This could lead to an inconsistent delivery of the ball.
  3. Poor Ball Placement. As the game is often played outdoors, the player could be disorientated and place the ball wrongly.  This common English bowling mistake can be rectified by aligning the ball placement to the “jack” with certain intermediate guides nearby.
  4. Walking on your toes. A typical English bowling mistake, this will lead to an inconsistent stance and delivery. This mistake can be overcome with focus on building momentum from the back to the front of the feet during the takeoff.
  5. Throwing the Ball. Like with most spots out muscles are trained to “throw” the ball. This is a common English Bowling mistake that leads to miss-throws.  Learn how to let your swing and gravity bring the ball where you want it to go.
  6. No Free Arm Swing. Some English bowlers make this mistake of over controlling their arm swing. This creates an artificial swing and interferes with the balls natural path.  Bowlers should learn to let their arms swing naturally with the ball.
  7. Smooth delivery.  Many bowlers make the common English bowling mistake of a jerky and abrupt delivery.  After mastering the other elements, constant practice is required to make a smooth delivery.
  8. Bad Finish. There is an extension of the problem of a bad follow thru. A bad finish is basically ‘no’ follow thru. Be sure to continue the arm on its natural upward motion after releasing the ball.
  9. Lofting the Ball. Releasing the ball late causes you to loft the ball. Lofting will spoil your accuracy. Bowlers should make sure to time the release of the ball properly.
  10. Wrong Stance. This is one of the most common English bowling mistakes. Address the “Jack” with the proper posture and feet placement and keep it during the delivery. The first step is important and this only requires a moment to check.
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