Equestrian Saddle Pads For Men

If you are trying to find a saddle pad for your horse but you are tired of the pink and purple, you should learn about equestrian saddle pads for men. While equestrian sports started out as a male dominated field, in the United States, more women participate in equestrian events. Here are some of the best equestrain saddle pads without any butterflys or sparkles.

  1. Barnsby Grip Pads. If you have ever been riding and all of a sudden noticed your saddle pad on the ground, the Barnby Grip Pad is the best equestrian saddle pad for you. The Barnsby Grip Pad is noted for staying in place under saddle, without irritating your horse's skin. The Barnesby Grip pad is lined with a specail gripping rubber on the bottom and soft neoprene on the top for added cushioning.
  2. Back on Track Saddle Pad.
  3. If you are a beginning rider, you probably don't want to spend upwards of 100 dollars on a saddle pad. Fortunately the Union Hill saddle pad is a quality saddle pad for under 20 dollars. The Union Hill saddle pad has professional-looking stitching and fits securely under your saddle. The Union Hill Saddle pad is appropriate for every day use and equestrian shows. This equestrian saddle pad comes in a variety of colors including green, red, blue, black, and white.
  4. Mattes Square Correction Saddle Pad. This top of the line equestrian saddle pad is made from a poly-flex material which allows it to be molded to your horse's shape. The Mattes Square Correction Pad reduces bouncing and it won't rub or pinch your horse. This is the ideal saddle pad for you if your horse suffers from chronic spine problems. This saddle pad is best for cooler climates. The Mattes Square pad comes in black and white.
  5. Acavallo Anatomic Gel Pad. The Acavallo Anatomic Channel Gel Pad is a reasonably priced equestrian saddle pad. The Acavallo is the best equestrain saddle pad for you if your horse has mild spine problems. The Acavallo saddle pad has an indented center channel, which allows for a perfect fit on your horses spine. This means no slipping or rubbing. The Acavallo Anatomic saddle pad is made from a special fiber which promotes comfort and breathability. 
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