Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

If you are having trouble controlling your orgasms, then here are some erectile dysfunction exercises. These exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, aid in gaining control and strengthening the PC muscle. When practiced on a regular basis, erectile dysfunction exercises will prevent premature ejaculations, provide stronger organisms and help you maintain complete control of your PC muscle.

  1. The PC Flutter. (maintains control) This is one of the erectile dysfunction exercises that aids with premature ejaculation problems. Swiftly contract and relax your PC muscle for five to ten seconds for three to four times a day. The more often you practice this exercise, then your endurance and control will enable you to contract and hold for up to one minute. With prolonged use of the PC Flutter, you will be able to feel an ejaculation arising and flex your PC muscle to stop the orgasm.
  2. The Flex and Hold. (increases strength) This is one of the erectile dysfunction exercises which will provide you with stronger orgasms. Also, this exercise will be harder to do and is more strenuous. Flex and hold the PC muscle firmly for ten seconds. If you lose control, wait one minute to repeat. For best results, do this exercise for three to four times a day.
  3. Flex, Hold & Release. (the ultimate power Kegel exercise) This is one of the erectile dysfunction exercises that you will be able to endure for five minutes once a day. Flex and hold the PC muscle for two to five seconds and release it for two to three seconds, then repeat. Doing this exercise for a length of three to five minutes once a day will strengthen the PC muscle and aid in giving you control.
  4. Chaotic PC Flexing. (an advanced technique) Switch up the PC Flutter and the Flex and Hold to the rhythm of music, television shows or commercials. This is one of the essential erectile dysfunction exercises that will ensure that you have complete control of your PC muscle when practiced three times a week for as long as you can endure.



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