Eric Bana Workout For ‘Troy’

After watching the famous Australian film and television actor onscreen, many left wondering, "How did Eric Bana workout for 'Troy'?" Bana co-starred with Brad Pitt in the big-budget film Troy, where he played Prince Hector, leader of the Trojan army at war against the Greek warrior Achilles. This film featured precisely sculpted bodies, chisled features, and masculinity, all while leaving the question: what was the exercise routine for the main actors of this film? Bana underwent plenty of pain to sculpt his body into Hector, Prince of Troy.

Shortly after the making of Troy, Eric Bana spoke about the film and his preparation for the role. Bana replied, "Abs are for people with no friends. I don’t do the ab thing. I’ve even had them once, actually, for a film, and they were always covered up.  I just said to myself, ‘Well, I’ll just never do that again.’ That was a waste of time. There’s so much more to enjoy in life.” With his matter-of-fact view of physical preparation for a role, it is safe to say that Bana could take or leave the requirement. While his workout routine focused on cardio, muscular endurance, and strength training, Bana's workout routine for Troy has been downplayed and glazed over, yet the appeal of such of role leads the audience to wonder: how did he achieve his physical appearance for such an action-packed role.

When asked about his physical preparation for Troy, Eric Bana replied, "There was a lot. I was fortunate enough to be cast very early. It was around September, so I had many months of preparation back home in Australia before I left to go to London. It wasn't so much the working out, because I'm pretty active anyway. But it was the specific nature of the training itself: the many months of sword training, many months of horseback riding and that sort of stuff. If you weren't on top of it, you were either going to fall off a horse and hurt yourself, or you were going to get whacked with a sword."

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