Erogenous Zones On A Woman

The erogenous zones on a woman are all over her body unlike a man. Doesn’t mean you have to do a search and rescue technique to discover them; you just need to know what to do once you get there. Remember a woman loves a gentle touch and once you caress an erogenous zone don’t be surprised if she jumps on your crazy wild. Use your fingers, your tongue, your breath but most of all, remember a gentle touch is all she needs to fall into you.

  1. Hands. Believe it or not a woman’s hand has many nerve endings that can be stimulated. Stimulate this particular erogenous zone on a woman by caressing her palm with your fingers or with your tongue. This will tickle her wild.
  2. Feet. Also full of ticklish nerve endings. Massage her foot or caress the soles of her feet and watch her melt into you.
  3. Lips. Probably one of the most erotic erogenous zones on a woman’s body. Use your finger or tongue to caress her lips. Gently bit them as well.
  4. Scalp. Women love going to the salon just to have a stylist wash their hair. This super duper sensitive nerve ending area relaxes a woman.
  5. Neck. A most obvious erogenous zone on a woman and easy to work on. You can kiss the sides and back of her neck, blow on it or gently massage her neck with your fingers or tongue.
  6. Stomach. Stroke her belly like Buddha and watch her swoon. This erogenous zone on a woman is all about the gentle tough. Rub too hard and she’ll be in discomfort and may need to pee.
  7. Back of the knees. You wouldn’t think this would be one of the erogenous zones on a woman, that’s why it’s grossly ignored. Use a little oil or lotion and gently massage this area.
  8. Mons. This is her pubic hair area. Gently stroke and caress her hair down low and give her pleasure to the max.
  9. Buttocks. Men spend a lot of time on this erogenous zone on a woman but not in a way that will get her to cringe with glee. Because it’s covered with fat you need to knead, pat, grab or give a gentle smack to get her tingling going.
  10. Inner Thighs. You are so close to home base that just using your fingers up and down on this area will have her curl in delight. As one of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body be sure to spend a little time stroking her thighs before you go in for the big score.
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