Erotic Massage Techniques

Learning some basic erotic massage techniques opens the door to fantastic and useful tools to incorporate into various activities with your partner. Whether you are simply looking to relax tightened muscles after a rough day at the office, while simultaneously offering up some sexual tension or looking for a unique way to fire up foreplay, erotic massages have a wide array of uses. This article outlines some of the basic and most popular aspects of erotic massages and erotic massage techniques.

  1. Try dressing for the occasion. When looking to learn some erotic massage techniques, one of the more important aspects is the initial presentation. This element of the massage is particularly useful for women. Dressing up in sexy lingerie or themed outfits prior to performing the massage helps set the tone, and the possible direction the massage will take as it progresses.
  2. Tease. An extremely popular element that exists in erotic massages is the element of teasing. As you perform the massage, run your hands over areas of the body that might stimulate some sexual tension. Obviously, the genitals are a sure bet for this step, however, gently caressing the inner thigh or lower back is a good way to get a jilted reaction.
  3. Have basic knowledge of pressure points. Prior to performing an erotic massage, it is important to have some working knowledge of pressure points and what to look for in terms of tightened muscles. By going this route, the erotic massage will not only be a sexy turn on, but a relaxing experience as well as you will be able to relieve stressed areas of your partner's body and add a therapeutic side to the already sensual massage.
  4. Incorporate different parts of your body into the massage. When incorporating various erotic massage techniques, a commonly overlooked technique includes using different parts of your body sporadically throughout as you perform the massage. This element applies mostly to women, as their breasts are perfect candidates for rubbing along their partner's body to add an erotic element and turn on.
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