Erotic Photography Tips

If you’re in need of erotic photography tips, then you’ve come to the right place. Contrary to popular assumption, erotica is not the same as porn, and this is something you’ll need to consider if you’re pursuing photography of the sensual variety. What you are looking to capture is the sexual essence and beauty of your model. Any schmuck with a camera can shoot porn, but you’ll need a little creativity and an eye for form to really capture the impassioned spirit of your subject. Here are some erotic photography tips to help you along.

  1. Not porn. An erotic photo is meant to be suggestive – even provocative – but not dirty or explicit. An example of an erotic photo would be a lingerie model in a magazine ad – not X-rated, but portrays a lady in such a way as to exemplify her natural allure. Flip through some men's magazine for some examples of what to do and what not to do in terms of sensual photography.
  2. Not just women. Take into consideration that erotic photography is not limited just to the ladies. Just as women have exquisite and stimulating forms, men do too. Where might you see a semi-nude or nude man in advertising? Probably for cologne or condoms, or maybe those adult birthday cards at Spencer Gifts. Professional photographers shoot naked men and women alike for their paychecks.
  3. Comfort. It's important that you not make your model feel nervous – so no flirting or feeling up. Not even if she’s your girlfriend. Of all the photography tips here, this one is probably the most imperative. You don’t want your photos to look unnatural, so at least ensure your model isn’t camera-shy when she’s clothed. The model must be able to trust in you and feel relaxed – something that’s hard to do when you’re naked in front of a camera. Moreover, don’t tie your model in knots trying to find a good pose. She won’t look or feel calm if you’ve got her doing gymnastics.
  4. Something to be desired. Believe it or not, covering something up can make photography more sexy than just stark nudity. If you position a female model so her arms cover her nipples and her legs are posed to obstruct a full view of her genitals, this can incite a greater erotic awareness than if you could see everything. Why? Because mystery turns people on and gets them excited.
  5. Lighting. The way in which a photo is lit can mean the difference between professional quality photography and disposable camera quality photography. This is the part where you’ll have to dance around the studio (or wherever you are) with a light to find the right angle to shine it from. You’ll want soft, warm, subtle lighting. Warmth is inviting and intimate, and face it, too much artificial radiance on your model’s headlights will simply be too distracting.
  6. Be realistic. This is one of the more crucial sexy photography tips on the list. Don’t put your model in a dump truck full of beans while she’s wearing a Storm Trooper helmet or anything else equally bizarre. Most people can’t relate to such peculiar outfits or atmospheres and the photo will just look stupid. Put your model somewhere comfortable and familiar for best results. If you’re browsing home improvement stores or taxidermy studios for costume ideas, you’re trying too hard.
  7. Skip lunch. While you don’t want hungry models, you also don’t want them coming in on a full stomach. Usually people become sluggish and less willing to move around or bend when they’ve just eaten a meal, not to mention the subject may look a little bloated. A good medium would be to have little things to munch on and drink during the shoot – this way, the models can beat their hunger for the duration of the shoot without looking like beached marine animals.
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