Erythritol Dangers

Erythritol is a sugar used in manufacturing gum, baked goods, and beverages like soda, and it's important to know erythritol dangers. This sugar occurs naturally in some fruits, too. It is about 60 to 80 percent as sweet as sucralose. This sugar substiute has no calories and is made from surcrose. Erythritol does not affect blood sugar or cause tooth decay. Learn about the effects of erythritol so you can decide if your digestion system can tolerate it.

  1. Digestion. Excessive consumption of the substance can result in stomach cramps and diarrhea. Often, it causes bloating, too. This is because the body does not absorb it as quickly as it is consumed.
  2. Flavor. The flavor of erythritol is not sweet but crisp. Often it is combined with another sweetener when put into products. This is because it is not sweet enough so they use another sugar to blend it.
  3.  Moisture. Erythritol does not hold moisture well. This means when it is used in baked goods, they may dry out more quickly.
  4. Dissolve. This sugar does not dissolve as easily as other sugars do. That means the body does not process it as quickly as some.
  5. Availability. This sugar substitute is not easy to find. It is available in some health food stores and online.
  6. Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Anyone with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid this product. It may cause severe symptoms or aggravate this condition.
  7. Consumption by children. Children consume the most erythritol. This is because it is used in chewing gum. Some children chew gum every day. If they have stomach problems or gas, they should not use any products with this ingredient.
  8. Sugar is empty calories. Although it has some positive qualities, erythritol still has little nutritonal value to help build and repair the body.
  9. Weight Gain. Eating too much of any sugar leads to weight gain. Erythritol does not stimulate insulin so you eat more and gain. It is empty calories with little nutrtion.
  10. Allergies. Sometimes, too much sugar leads to allergies in children and adults. Even sugar subsitutes like erythritol may cause allergies.
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