Essential Deer Hunting Clothing

Wearing the essential deer hunting clothing is vital to not only aid you in not being seen or heard by deer, but also to make sure you are visible to other people who may be hunting in the area. Always make sure to dress for the weather.

Below, you will find multiple clothing essentials when deer hunting:

  1. Wear dark gloves as this will aid in them seeing your hands, and mask the sound from you moving them around. You do not want a cold trigger finger when it comes time to pull the trigger.
  2. If the law requires it, make sure you have on your orange vest and hat so that other hunters in the area know you are there. This should never be forgotten or purposely avoided. It is not only for your safety but for those around you as well.
  3. Clothes should be wool or cotton as these kinds of material make the least noise when you move around. Remember that deer can hear much better than humans can. Nylon, parka's, jeans and rain suits are good examples of what not to wear. This is essential clothing when deer hunting.
  4. Your boots should be comfortable. Remember that you will be on your feet nearly all day. Hiking boots are ideal for hunting, just make sure they will blend in with your surroundings. Also, ensure your boots are waterproof as there is a high chance you will be going through very moist terrain depending on your location.

Remembering to take the essential clothing when hunting deer will not only keep you protected from the weather but safe as well. Staying as comfortable as possible is important because you do not want to be moving around a lot to get comfortable due to itchy clothing or sore feet.

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