Essential Fashion Clothes For Men

Make sure that there are at least ten essential fashion clothes for men in your closet. Every man needs these types of things no matter what his job, position in life or salary. Consider these the basics of your wardrobe.

  1. Jeans. Every man needs a well fitted pair of jeans. The darker the denim, the more versatile they are. Be sure that they are long enough and fit well in the waist.
  2. Dress Pants. Find a pair of dress pants that fit you well. Some men look better with pleats and others look better without. Be sure to try them on. You want them to fit well, but not be too tight. Much like the jeans, these need to be long enough.
  3. Khakis. Another essential fashion clothes for men are khaki pants. Just as dress pants come in a variety of styles, khakis do as well. You are looking for a style that looks good on you. You can choose from any of the beige, brown, green, black or blue colors available. However, the beige colors will be the most versatile.
  4. Shorts. You will need a pair of shorts that are not too long and not too short. You can choose from just about any color, but you will be able to wear a solid with more things.
  5. Button Down Shirt. This is part of the essential fashion clothes for men, because it can be worn so many ways. Dressy event? Add a tie and some slacks. Casual afternoon out? Keep it unbuttoned with a shirt underneath; sleeves rolled up.
  6. Polo Shirt. Men need to have a polo shirt in the closet for the moments when they aren't sure what to wear. If you want to dress it up, put it on with dress pants and add a jacket. If you want to dress down, just throw it on with a pair of shorts.
  7. T-shirt. While you probably have tons of T-shirts that you wear around, you need to find one that will work well for a variety of occasions and locations. You can choose from a solid or print. This isn't something that you are going to throw on to shoot hoops with your friends or wear to the gym. This is just for hanging out in.
  8. A Dress Jacket or Blazer. If the weather is a little cooler out, or you are going to a dressy event, you are going to want to add the jacket or blazer. This essential fashion clothes for men item does provide you with some freedom. Choose a material that you like and looks well on you. Some may choose suede while others would rather wool. This is completely up to you.
  9. A Tie. You need a classic tie. Not one that draws a lot of attention to itself, because it lights up or has a picture of several beers on it. You want one that is either a completely solid color or a nice, simple print.
  10. Belt. Even if you don't need it to hold up your pants, it can give your appearance a look of being well put together. This is one of the essential fashion clothes for men, because it completes most looks. Choose from black or brown, whichever you wear the most of.

As you look through the closet today, be sure to check for these essential fashion clothes for men.

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